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Hello there! I just came across this GT webpage as I was doing a little research about my grandpa, who played in the 1929 Rose Bowl. I was just curious about the actual 1929 Rose Bowl tickets that someone purchased on eBay a while back... DANG! What a good find! This may be a wild and crazy long shot, but I figure its worth a try.... Is there anyone else out there that has one or two of the tickets from this game available for sale, or that perhaps knows someone who does? If so, I would love to hear from you! It would mean so much to my family and myself. If you have any information at all about this subject, please, please let me know, I would appreciate it so very much! My email is Thanks!!

Jeremy Silverstein

Awwww...dang! I was looking for those. I'm building wall pieces w/ items from all the bowl games...programs, tix, banners, buttons, pics, etc...For my Super GT Man-cave :) that really "Wrong Way"'s granddaughtter!?


Jeremy, MGT '01

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