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Dave- It's good to see the meeting recap w/ the documents posted on your blog. Thanks! When you add the other info, please share the news that the Park & Garden is now a standalone project under the wing of the Church. (It's no longer a NEDGC project. We all agreed that NEDGC will require the formation of a structured organization, and we'll leave it to Dave to pursue that as he prefers.) Everyone's really pleased that we were all able to resolve this amicably.

To Everyone- Dave's correct that, because the Park folks have been enjoying such lively exchanges through emails & getting together, that's how we'll keep communicating. We're hopeful that the Garden folks will soon begin enjoying the energetic flow of ideas too. Dena's graciously offered to write up the meeting recap for the folks on the Garden Email List, so we'll get that out soon.

Happy gardening to all! :0)

Dave Kell

Deanne, I'm don't recall we agreed to make the Church Garden/Park project independent of the NEDGC. I suggested we make it a project, because the NEDGC had multiple projects planned. I didn't suggest it be a project independent of the NEDGC. You've extrapolated on that. I'll go back and get the exact wording of what was said from the recording when I have time. There was certainly no formal vote to take such a drastic action. But, if that's what those active on the church project want to do, and so vote (even though there's still no formal way to determine who is a member and what a quorum is) in the next meeting, I'm fine with that. It does mean the project will lose whatever resources the NEDGC would have provided.

As I tried to point out, when you use a mail list instead of a message board, you lose the ability to share documents and images which anybody can read whenever they like, and you force everyone to read comments which might be directed toward a particular individual. Mail lists were great before better tools came along. But if that's what you like, go for it.

Julia Rusling

I believe the consensus of the group and the church was quite clear about separating the Park/Garden project behind the church from NEDGC.

Regarding a tape recording----I saw what I thought might be tape recorders on the table Dave was sitting at, but I assumed (apparently incorrectly) that they were not being used, particularly as we, the attendees, were not asked at the start of the meeting if we gave our consent to be recorded.


The Park & Garden was turned into an informal standalone project because it best suits our simple goal of bringing neighbors together to enjoy one another's company. This was expressed by a number of folks between the Aug & Sept meetings, and it's also the Church's preference. Folks aren't interested in prolonging the organizational discussion. Folks are looking forward to channeling their energies into creative project ideas at the Oct Mtg. (The Organizational Committee even disbanded at the end of the Sept Mtg!) For whatever reason, the yahoo group hasn't spurred interactions. This project has a special spirit that shines through in lively conversations & emails. It may not be techy, but the folks participating are inspired by it.

* I honestly thought Dave left the meeting w/ the same understanding as the rest of us. Tape recording neighbors is very UNneighborly, but perhaps it'll help Dave when he listens to what others were sharing during the meeting.


Julia, I routinely record meetings I attend to be covered on one of my blogs, solely for the purpose of refreshing my memory of what exactly was said, since I cant take notes that fast, and my memory is not that good at my advanced age.  It was a public meeting, so no permission is legally required. 

If the Church Garden/Park group wants to secede from the NEDGC, thats its prerogative. I'd just like to see an official vote.

It needs to be understood that means no NEDGC resources will be directed toward the project, now or in the future.

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