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July 02, 2009


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Brenda Bowers

This is typical of Washington. They stick provisions in a bill that have nothing to do with the actual bill. The Obama/Democrat health care bills as proposed all have a clause in them to fully fund the unions current blue chip health care plans with tax payer money. And on top of that another clause guarantees the union members pensions! Nothing to do with health care at all but a whole oft of pay back for the unions support.

You might want to read my post from The Heritage Foundation that outlines just how the Democrats in the Senate intend to pass a Health Care bill. Since it won't float on it's own merits and the American people don't want it they intend to put it in another bill then pass the other bill and sent the package to the House to be passed and then sent to the President. they bill they intend to pass in this way is the far leftist Kennedy Proposal. they are just making noise and smoke with the Baucus Proposal. You noticed I used the word "proposal"? that is because they don't actually have a bill but when this proposal or outline is passed and sent to the be signed by the President he can put anything he wants in it before signing. Then it will be up to little clerks in little offices to determine our health care laws.

Hain't Washington Great?!? BB

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