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Conservative talk shows

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October 22, 2008


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* It's hard to tell from how they spin it on Fox News, but the "spread the wealth around" is just one soundbite extracted from an in-depth, 5-minute long response that Obama gave to "Joe the Plumber". It'd be nice if we could have an actual conversation about that response and Obama's actual tax policy instead of continuing the idiotic argument over whether raising the top tax bracket rate by 3% constitutes socialism.

* Pouring over gaffes and tenuous affiliations is not a good way to decide who to lead our country.

* What exactly do you find to be "not feasible" about Obama's plans? Tell me what about the phrase "tax and spend" you find so repulsive? Do you think McCain is going to find a new way to fund our government's activities outside of taxation? Do you think McCain is going to find a new way to use that money besides spending?

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