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Zahrah Davila

Dear olivia,

I went to Tucker Middle school this year and i prbably saw you before but i'm really sorry what had happened to you i really and truely am.Well I hope to see you in school again.

Hope you feel better,



My sister went to the national young leaders confrence with oliva and they were very good friends.im at a loss of words as to how to comment to what has happened to olivia.i just want her family to know that olivia is in our thoughts and most deffinately in our prayers. my family wishes her a very good recovery and hopes she actually does recover because i know she is in a very serious condition. Best wishes to you olivia ad to your family.


Most sadly, the AJC has reported Olivia has died.

May God console her family.

If the driver of the armored car was not driving recklessly, may God rest his soul as well. He has to feel terrible right now.

Coach Factory

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I remember the themes of new student week at my university: diversity and tolerance. I soon discovered there was no diversity of thought and precious little tolerance for thoughtcrime.

modeling women

You got us covered with it. Students are happy to hear it.

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