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Check out the rain barrel kits, downspout diverters, downspout filters and mosquito control products at http://www.aquabarrel.com

Elegant Rain Barrels

Be sure to find rain barrels which offer a mesh mosquito guard, and also look for barrels which have an overflow valve function to allow the excess water to flow out of the rain barrel and away from your foundation. Hooking a drip hose to this valve is a great way to give your garden or flower bed a constant source of moisture.

Noah's Rain Barrel, LLC Atlanta, GA

It's good to see rain barrel workshops happening around Atlanta.
If you've assembled a rain barrel, check out our web site for painting ideas and tips. www.noahsrainbarrel.net

J. Walker

Just checked out this Aquabarrel site. Boy do they have lots of neat stuff for water collection. Go see for yourself. It's cool.

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