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Wow...this is really sad...at a waffle house. I wonder if the ever caught the person? What is happening in America.


Its crazy that I remember this. I was there when it happened. There was no manager on the property because they are not there late at night. I was an employee at that WH store and it was on 2 employees other than me working at the time. My coworkers and I were going outside to smoke a cigarette when ar pulled up. The driver was the one who asked us to call the ambulance for help. The cook called and we all helped to get the guy out the passenger side of the car and lay him on the ground after the 911 operator told us too. That when she asked if he had a pulse. He had one although it was very weak. So I had previously been in school for Medical Assisting so I began CPR to revive him, not the manager. While I was give him CPR he took his last breath in my ear. May his soul RIP and I hope and pray his 2 little girls and fiance' have found peace. I still think about this off and on. I met his family. A family full of women...


Also to add, they came to the conclusion the friend/driver of the car was the one who shot him. Im still unsure.


Thank y'all for all ur effort..we appreciate. It very much..were from new Orleans...and he had just lest neworlean that morning to go to slants were he was living.this is a very hard lose..we still struggle with...he was a loving person who wide help anybodynd far as the Guy Larry...we Neva. Heard a word anymore..he only no the truth..I wish he wide com forward some day....may u rip peace cuz..we luv u and miss u Corey so much!!

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