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February 23, 2008


Olden Atwoody

At last! A bigger trailer.

joseph femiani

do i have a paradise for you two. my wife and i are about to lose our home due to my disabilitys. it is a great waterfront estate where you can hang your shoes with privacy .its on ebay . please look it up and help a old sheet metal worker live in pride .i'll see it cheap .if you want .9253 rowes point rd hayes va. 23072 .i'm not asking to hustle you i need the help .great going enjoy your life . thanks joe .


Would you help a mom of four kids who is struggling??

fred bwirre

I wish I were you.What a fortune.
our family was displaced by the recent tribal war in Kenya{Africa} and now we live in a refugee camp without basic necessities.Please,lend a hand of help.
May God bless you even more.

carole, new york

The best thing you can do right now is get finacial counseling, a good trust and estate attorney, as well as family counseling to help your family manage all these new emotions. Beware of everyone with a sob story, only give to your church to help those locally, and to well established charities. Good luck to you.


Congrats, good to see some people who actually need the money win it. Only sad thing is most people like this just dont know how much money that actually is. They will spend it like its going out of style, and prob will be broke in 3 to 6 years. Every family member they know will ask them to bail them out of financial problems, and will ask again as soon as they are right back where they started. The best thing they can do is put this money into some type of high yield accounts, and the interest alone should be enough to live well on


Bingo, Matt! If big winners would just put the principal in a secure, government-insured investment and draw only 1/2 the interest earned a year, they'd have MILLIONS to use wisely or blow foolishly every year,while they're net worth continued to grow.

Bobby & Tonya should take home about about $104K AFTER TAXES on the $167K lump sum they won. They should be able to safely earn $7-8M a year interest on that. If they just take out $4M a year, they're nest egg will continue to grow.

Even if they completely waste $4M in any given year, they'll be getting another $4M the next year, to hopefully use more wisely. And another $4M every year thereafter, until they die.

In the meantime, their nest egg of $104M is growing at the rate of about $4M per year, compounded.

Sweat! How can somebody blow that? But, the guy in TN did.


If I had 4 million a year to live off of while my nest egg continued to grow I would be in heaven. It is hard to believe that someone could actually blow that much money. I saw them on tv being interviewed and were already talking about how the kids and grand-kids were talking of hummers, motorcycles, etc. Haha they will probably buy a car for their car and so on. They need to do some kind of reality show on winners of jack-pots such as this, and then re-visit them in 10 years to see how things are going.


This is sick! Already complete strangers are begging for money!!! Get a life and make your own damn money!!


Wonder how the harris's have been doing with their new found money?


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Yes, I agree to this blog that the parent should educate their kids at the early stage of their life. So that they can easily adapt themselves when they are ready to go to school. It must be not the high end one, but at least a kid can do anything to it to learn basics.


I just found this.....I don't know the Harris family but I am from the same area that they are from. I know the wifes sister, Brenda. I told her the day they were coming back from Atlanta to claim the money that hands would be out everywhere. And even on this blog they are out....I can't believe it. My husband and I would love to win the lotto just so the financial burdens are taken care of....but at this expense..I truely feel sorry for the Harris family. Everyone is out for themselves...sad really

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