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September 22, 2008


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Except for a few years at the end of the Clinton administration, the past 28 years have been characterized by massive federal deficits- deficits that reduce the ability of our government to function, damage our economic stability, and pass an ever-growing bill on to our children and grandchildren. The Republican party's policy has been to simply pay lip-service ("I'll balance the budget") while taking no concrete steps to address the problem. Government spending has skyrocketed during Republican administrations and both parties have proven incapable of bringing the spending under control. Despite all this- you want to keep on cutting forever? Where does it stop?

Don't misread me- Obama would cut taxes overall. 80% of us would see MORE tax cuts from Obama than from McCain. But this isn't the argument we should still be having. We have to control spending and match our spending and tax revenues or else we'll just borrow our government into oblivion.


Being a libertarian at heart, John, I absolutely agree with you on reducing deficit spending. The Federal government is way too large, and has been since FDR's New Deal.

Functions should be pushed to the lowest possible level of government, where local citizens can physically twist arms if necessary to insure responsible and necessary spending. Decatur schools should be funded from Decatur property taxes, for instance. Only an oversight function is needed at the federal and state level. Yet Obama wants to spend at least $19B more on education.

If Detroit needs more cops to have a safe town, those who choose to live there should pay for them. Yet Bill Clinton used $100M of our federal tax contributions to beef up law enforcement in major cities. I'd prefer Detroit citizens pay for the cops they need, and Decatur citizens pay for the cops we need.

Some services (like defense) can only be done at the national level (with the National Guard at the state level)

Sometimes, you have to do things you don't like. If your foot turns green, you may have to have it cut off, as much as you'd hate to do it. That's where we find ourselves with the mortgage industry. Hopefully, we'll recover some of the $700B (or more).

Previous Republican administrations (sometimes with the help of Democratically controlled congresses) have grown the federal government and increased the national debt, even when we were not in an economic crises. Shame on all of them!

According to some charts I've seen, non-discretionary national spending (for things like SS and medicare) will grow dramatically for the next three decades. Adding a medical insurance program for everyone, a Barack proposes, will only add another big federal program which will continue to drive up the national debt.

If, instead of inventing SS, our leaders in Congress had simply required people and to wisely invest a certain % of their income in secure investments (with possible matching frunds from their employers), tax free; we'd all be getting larger checks after age 62, and our kids and grandkids would not be paying anything for it.

I'm very skeptical that BO can deliver on all his promises without raising taxes on those making over $250K to a ridiculous level, at which they might consider closing their businesses, laying off their employees, and moving to another country.

At least their employees will be paying lower taxes when they lose their jobs.


I say let's cut the Federal government by 70%. It is a huge money pit that wastes half the money it collects running the machinery of itself, and probably another 25% in outright thievery. It has become a power hungry, money wasting hotbed for both sides of the political fence. Return all but the essential Federal safeguards to the locals, and let the locals decide where their tax dollars go,a nd at the same time have some real control over how much tax they pay.


This is the oldest song in the book. "Republicans won't raise your taxes." I was raised by republican parents who beat that into my head. However, as an adult I have realized that half of this statement is true the other half is false. Republicans claim to be the party of smaller government, but look at he government after 8 years of republican leadership. It is fighting unwinable wars on taxpayer money, bailing out scandalous Wall Street firms who were more than happy to take our money when times were good. The republicans have ruined the American brand oversees and the value of our dollar. More importantly republicans borrow money we don't have for their agenda. We are borrowing and printing money like it is going out of style. Wait till we see the inflation numbers this year after this bailout. Republicans might not raise your taxes for their programs, but they sure will borrow the money from the Chinese. Obama will lower your taxes if you are middle class like most Americans. I find it funny how so many people vote republican who aren't really rich. They just feel like a vote for the rich man's club will make them rich or let them into the club. If you are not a millionare or billionare you have no business voting for McCain. The republicans in control are laughing at these NASCAR dads in trailer parks voting republican now. They love it. I left the Republican Party when I realized the only thing it stands for is Anti-Intectualism. They can't turn back the clock no matter how hard they try. All they care about are cage rattling issues like gays in the military, building a wall along our Mexican border, and stopping science over stem cell research. In reality they can't stop any of these types of things. They can only rattle the cage to get close minded, ill educated people to vote republican. Gays will continue to serve in the military, Mexicans will get into this counrty no matter how high the wall is, and science will move forward with or without us (the Europeans hope without us). Republicans would rather believe in things to be true rather than know things to be true. They have been infiltrated and ruined by the Christian Right. There isn't a thinking man left in the party. I wish we still voted for smart, eloquent presidents rather than for someone we would like to drink beer with. What happened to the real republicans? They sold out and now they want to say they are the party of change after the last eight years of their crap. And some people believe it. These are the people I fear the most. After eight years of republican leadership some stupid people want another serving of four more years. I wonder if these people go back to the same restaurant after they have been food poisoned? Probably.


John, between this and your other post today, I believe I am not going to respond to you anymore. Instead I will leave you to wallow in the bile and misinformation that you exist in. I truly feel sorry for someone like yourself, and pity for anyone that has to be around you. Being consumed by Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, and unfortunately you could qualify as the poster child. Good luck to you, and then some.


Being consumed by Liberalism is a mental disorder? My ideas aren't that left-wing liberal when you think about it. What's so liberal about wanting to keep our troops out of a religious civil war in Iraq that they can't win? I'd say that's pretty darn conservative to put America first. I'd say it's pretty conservative to want to bring our troops home. I'd say it's pretty conservative to not believe an Administration that's lied a million times. I'd say it's pretty conservative to look for Bin Laden in Afganistan or Pakistan rather than wander the vastness of Iraq looking for him. I'd say it's pretty conservative to care about conservation of our resources and environment. I'd say it's pretty conservative to keep our money here and not send all of our money to the Arab World. I'd say it's pretty conservative to want to elect a guy with a Harvard Law degree before an old guy with plans to fight the world because his plane got shot down in another useless war (Vietman) Oh yeah, where is our door prize from that war? I can't think of one long term benefit from that war.
Dentboy, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. That is actually a mental disorder. I used to believe the Republicans were right(born and raised), but I woke up. I also don't believe in Santa nor the tooth fairy. People change when something stinks of deception.
I hope the third time is the charm for ya, yet I doubt it. Our last "Maverick" for eight years sure didn't listen to anyone in the world. The new version should be even more exciting. Maybe all of of our financial institutions and our dollar will totally collapse under the new "Maverick." Maybe we'll fight some more countries. But, at least he won't raise your taxes. He'll just print more money.
By the way, the poster child for the Republican Party is a NASCAR dad with no education and Jesus determining the outcome of his kid's high school football games in Idiot, County Georgia.


By the way Dentboy, stop ending your sentences in prepositions. It's annoying.


Easy there, Dentboy and JohnD. You've kept it civil so far, but I sense you're sliding down the slippery slope toward direct personal attacks.

Everybody's been civil so far. Please don't make me have to start editing or even deleting posts.

Remember that you don't HAVE TO respond to every point your debating opponent makes. You can just let it lie as his/her opinion. Not responding does not indicate you don't have a good comeback or accept it as a valid point.

Thanks for your cooperation, and please carry on. I personally enjoy the debate.


I tryed to set the tone for civility 2 days ago by posting to John that even though we will never agree, I enjoy the debate, and his intelligence. He responded with the above in 2 seperate posts. I have responded to his rage and I am no longer engaging him. I hope for his health he chooses to leave the state he hates so vehemently, and moves somewhere more to his liking.
Sorry you felt the need to step in...

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