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August 29, 2008


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This is truly frightening. This woman only has a journalism degree from the U. of Idaho. Her only real political experience is serving less than two years as the governor of a state with roughly the same population as DeKalb county. How is she in any way experienced enough to become president if the elderly McCain croaks??
Vernon Jones (shudder) is better qualified to be president! Scary times!
I guess Republicans will need to reevaluate their attacks on Obama's experience.

ps I have to give her props for stopping the "bridge to nowhere" championed by Sen. Ted Stevens (Republican) and Rep. Don Young (Republican).


Let's face it, Rus. If a panel of experts selected the person most qualified to be President, we'd probably have had a very different set of them.

If you buy into the premise that Barack Obama is qualified to be President from Day One, given his very limited experience, you shouldn't be too concerned about Sarah Palin simply sitting on the bench as a backup to McCain.

Both have their visions of how things could be done better, and both will have a lot of direct help...

... and indirect help from many agencies.

Heck, I might even be able to do the job with that much help. ;-)

What we're really voting for is a person thinks the way we prefer and can make good decisions under pressure.

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