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Wednesday, 29 March 2006


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Set Condition 1 has some info on the contenders: Bushmaster meets the competition in the US Airborne Combat Engineer notes The Army is looking at... [Read More]

» Hummer Deathtraps Suck: Take 2 from Winds of Change.NET
HMMWV, IEDed(click to view full) Monday Winds of War team member Jeff of Peace Like a River notes combat casualties since January 7, 2006, where Humvees were specified as being involved. Note how many involve... [Read More]

» Hummer Deathtraps Suck from Winds of Change.NET
HMMWV, IEDed(click to view full) Over at DID, I note that the US military has just begun fielding a new variant of the HMMWV jeep: the M1151 and M1152. Think of them as Hummer v2.1.... [Read More]